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Need Workout Equipment?

You don't need bulky equipment to bring fitness to your home. No need to worry stress about storing barbells and dumbbells. The Daily Sweat Workout Kit is here. 


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All You Need Is Space & Opportunity 

You will be able to do barbell movements and dumbbell movements with our kit. Plus it's come with a jump rope for cardio. This is a no brainer.


What is the Daily Sweat Workout Kit? Click Below. 



Daily Sweat Workout Kit- Only $114.99 and FREE SHIPPING IN USA.

  • Bar with Rotating Edges- $30
  • Yellow Band- 10-15lbs- $12
  • Red Band- 20-25lbs- $15
  • Black Band- 30-40lbs- $20
  • Purple Band- 50-60lbs- $30
  • Green Band- 70-80lbs- $45
  • Dumbbell Handles- $20
  • Door Anchor Attachment- $20
  • Jump Rope- $12
  • Daily Sweat Workout Bag- $20

Value Price: $224

Special Pricing: $114.99

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Results happen when you commit. 


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